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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design

La Grande Poste Expo Casablanca 1919-2017

Ghassane Moutaoukil

MSU Bozeman, United States

Commercial - Print / Graphic / Illustration
La Grande Poste Expo
Casablanca 1919-2017
The date of the Expo: 13-16 June, 2017
Location: Upper Gallery, School of Architecture, MSU Bozeman, MT, USA
Interests: Art (Printmaking, Digital Art, Philately, Cartophily and Photography)

This year I did an Exposition celebrating the 98th Anniversary of La Grande Poste, in Casablanca, Morocco. There were many elements to the Exposition including an informative short film, 2 vignette stamps, historical stamps and postcards, collaborative photographs of the Poste, and some of my related prints and digital artwork. 

I wanted to share the beauty of the architecture, beautifully blended Art Déco, Art Nouvau and Neo-Moorish designs in one magnificent building through postage stamps, postcards, photography and artist's artwork. 

The Poster
The Invitation
Commemorative Vignette Stamps
Commemorative Cachet (the seal) for the Expo
The Certificate of Participation
Souvenir bag 
Display of the Expo in THE UPPER GALLERY, MSU, Bozeman, MT, USA
My Art work display, using multiple mediums including screen-printing, intaglio 
and photo-intaglio.  
The display of the stamps with the historical information
Display of the recent photographs of the post office building, La Grande Poste, Casablanca, Morocco
Display of the rare post cards of the post office building, La Grande Poste, dated from 1919-1970
The Philatelist admiring and contemplating his Expo (me wearing the limited edition t-shirt)
A fast forward film of La Grande Poste and Casablanca
from1920's to 1960's

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