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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design

A view from CottonWood with pelicans, Bozeman MT

Ghassane Moutaoukil

MSU Bozeman, United States

Fine Art - Photography
A view from CottonWood with pelicans,
Bozeman MT
This photograph was taken from one of my favorite locations. The composition of the image speaks to me. The day this picture was taken, I was lucky to find a small group of pelicans enjoying the pond and a warm break from a long snowy winter. The warm colors of the fading sun are subtle in the background. There is hawk nest in the cottonwood trees crowning the center of the image. In the background, part of the Bridger range can be seen. The shed shows age and texture, and with the pond gives the image an interesting focal point. I found the naked fields, the movement in clouds from the gathering storm and snow covered mountains, a beautiful contrast to each other. My goal is to capture the natural beauty found everywhere in Southwest Montana. I wanted the viewer to be drawn into the image, as if they were there, allowing the beauty to soak into their soul, the chill breeze of the weather change coming, and last kiss of warmth from the setting sun.

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