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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design


Suhail Suri

Pearl Academy, India

Commercial - Photography
Category Winner
Photo - Suhail Suri
Styling - Disha Bajaj
Model - TJ Singh
MUA - Pallavi Sachdeva

Some say "Fashion Has No Gender" and our entire shoot was visualised on those lines. We no longer live in the era where males can't wear clothes designed for females or vice-a-versa. We are moving towards a time where gender-neutral clothing is becoming more acceptable and there are no rules for wearing a one-piece dress or a three-piece suit.

Once the concept was clear in our heads, I started working on the visuals with my team. 
The one process of visualisation is an important step for me. We started visualising how we wanted the final image to look and started discussing our ideas. The first step was to obviously get a model on board, who would be able to justify the concept with his/her poses and expressions. We wanted someone who was skinny and had fluid poses. 
I had a couple of names in mind and we finally went with our final model, TJ. He matched my visuals in my head, perfectly. 

The next step was to book the studio and choose the colours we wanted to use as our backdrops. After looking at the stylist's mood board, we started working on the colours. Since the stylist's collection mostly had resort wear, we decided to go with cool colours. I emphasised on the colour blue because I thought it would complement the entire concept of gender neutral clothing. 

On the day of the shoot, we improvised a lot when it came to the poses and props. We made the model try a bunch of different and unusual poses. 
I was very clear about the kind of lighting I wanted to use. The lighting was not too dramatic or very simple. I wanted the clothes to pop so we made sure the model was properly lit. We improvised a little with the lights as we were shooting the last few looks. We tried using some colored gels to create some dramatic lighting but we kept it very subtle. I explored a lot of angles during the shoot. I sat on the floor, made the model sit on the floor and tried various different angles to get the perfect shots! 

The styling was on point, so the looks were ready and we had no problem with the clothing at all. The stylist did a great job in keeping all combinations ready. Since we were so well prepared we had a lot of time to improvise. I believe it was one of my best shoots and thankful to the entire team - the stylist, model and the makeup artist for it.

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