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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design


Jessica Coates

Shillington College, Australia

Commercial - Web / App / Game Design
Category Semifinalist
The Brief: Design a brand identity and website for TV streaming service who strive to bring diversity to the mainstream by screening alternative media.

The Outcome: A striking and engaging brand identity built on a modular system that is forever changing. Hybrid was created from the brand's mission, the idea of joining two things to become one. The logo is built on a grid with the intention of interchanging the blocks to alter the logo's appearance. The gradual font weight emphasises the hybrid idea - blending and evolving. The website is built on a modular system to compliment the brand identity.

The Process: This brand identity was created through a workshop process of breakdown, word association, and brainstorming as well as plenty of research. The logo and identity came to be by an exploration of key brand ideas. After that the website design came naturally. Colours, fonts and image treatments were chosen to create an edgy aesthetic.

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