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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design

Zevia Package Re-Design

Makayla King

Concordia University - Saint Paul, United States

Commercial - Packaging Design
Category Semifinalist
The task at hand was to pick a product that needed a packaging redesign. I chose the organic, zero calorie soda, Zevia. My first step was finding the mockups I wanted to use so that I could base the rest of the process on the dimensions of the mockups. Every break through I had during the project was tested out on the mockups in order to see what needed fixing.
This project has been selected as a semi-finalist in the Adobe Achievement Awards! 

Challenge: Choose an existing line of packaged goods that appeal to a sophisticated, upscale demographic. Look for products that come in multiple sizes, volumes or varieties. You are to redesign and mock-up and entire packaging lines that includes at least four design variations.

Solution: I chose to do my package re-design on Zevia, a zero calorie, zero sugar soda. I happened to have a can mock-up ready so that’s where I based my decision to do cans. Zevia’s current cans look outdated and don’t stand out against its competitors because there is nothing visually interesting about the cans. So for my solution I used a bold type going vertical on the can and within the letters there is an overgrown flower illustration making up the letters. All of the elements are reversed out of color in white. The colors I chose were, pink, green, purple, and red, all the colors are bright and bold. The colors mixed with the details of the illustration within the letters makes for a better visual impact.

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