by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design

Got One!! Wild Mullet Catch

Devours Bacon

Asia University, Taiwan

Commercial - Packaging Design
Category Winner
This product is based on the wild mullet fish that are captured in the northern Taiwan straight by the fishermen from the Hukou Township in Yunlin, Taiwan. For thousands of years, the wild mullet fish have kept to their promise of returning to Taiwan each winter; that is why wild mullet fish has become a traditional delicacy for the last century in Taiwan. The wild mullet fish are named for their black backsides as the Taiwanese word “wu” carries the meaning of “black”. During the winter when it is the annual season for wild mullet roe, coastal fishing villages are covered with the golden light of mullet fish roe that have been laid out to dry. That is why wu fish roe is also known as the black gold of the sea. wild mullet fish is obtained from nature and is based on the concept of cohabitation with the environment. The packaging prioritizes environmentally friendly and all packaging materials can be utilized in other ways or recycled. For the exterior layer we use environment friendly threads weaved into the design of fishing nets and lukas batik dye from Germany is used to dye the net black. The product’s box has been designed to be asymmetrical and take on the familiar form of a fish. In terms of color, a black box made out of 100% recycled paper (certified by Germany’s blue angel) imported from France while the blade mold line traces and extends from the fish’s belly. The visuals on the box are completed with handcrafted gold print. The text on the bottom of the box was printed using soybean ink. Finally, each product is finished with J. Herbin natural pine wax with 345 years of history in Paris to complete quality inspections. The overall aesthetics present the effect of black gold, which is fitting, as mullet roe is also known as black gold. When the consumer uses the product and removes the fish shaped box from the fishing net and opens the package to obtain the mullet roe, it is akin to personally experiencing the joy of capturing a mullet fish and ripping into the belly to remove the mullet roe.


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