by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design

Cinema Tableau | Pin Up Girl

Lucia Petschnig (See users behance profile)

Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, South Africa

Fine Art - Photography
Category Finalist
Film tableaus of the everyday life of a pin-up girl living in the 21st century.
These cinema tableaus are a visual story based on the reality of two capetonian girls that stear away from contemporary trends to find inspiration from vintage styles, interpreting vintage clothing pieces and styling from the last century into their everyday life. Their inspiration for this aims to break the barrier of modernization by expressing a "different" identity, without confronting to the modern day clichéd beauty ideals that wash away the depth of self-expression and simply generalize the complexity of a womanly body. These clichéd ideals stem from the brainwashing examples we see in everyday advertising, displaying unrealistic depictions of women. 
Dollie Vega mentions :
“I lost interest in current fashion and the pressures of fitting into a size 8 anything.
I wanted to be classic, stylish and admired for the effort. I started out with just making a few subtle changes to my look as I was still gathering information through my research.
Since I have embraced this side of me it was as if I could finally exhale, not just because my clothes fitted better but because I felt like I came home to something familiar. It gave me great confidence and still does whenever I go out just to a shop or an event."
Models : Nadine "Dollie Vega" | Bia "The little Harlequin"
Hair, Make-up & Styling : Nadine & Bia 
_ The look and feel of the images resembles a cinematic grading effect and additional grain that you would usually find in movies to create a feeling asif the pictures were stills from a movie. The compositions are made to be a dramatisation of the everyday life of a pin up girl in the 21st century._

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