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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design

Sugar Pies & Cupcakes: Branding Concept

Gian Wong

Mapúa Institute of Technology, Philippines

Commercial - Print / Graphic / Illustration
Category Semifinalist
A brand identity concept for a fictional brand/business.
Sugar Pies & Cupcakes
This is a fictional brand/business I created for this brand identity concept I designed.

Sugar Pies & Cupcakes is a cute and simple pastry store that serves desserts made with nothing but sugar and everything nice! Their food and store is always a fun and exciting experience because of their handcrafted pies and cupcakes served in a place that feels like home.
Brand identity stationery mock-up.
1 //     Initial Sketches

These are the initial sketches I made where I included whipped cream elements that I later scrapped since I didn't find them necessary. Instead, I focused on the lettering and minimal elements. I decided to combine the first and third styles to create something really fun and organic.
2  //     Official Logos

These are the final logos for the concept. The primary logo is a custom logotype of "Sugar" in a thick and curly script typeface to suggest the fun and sweetness Sugar wants to be felt by customers. Sugar cubes or powder burst from the type to simply imply the brand name. The secondary logo takes the curly S from the main logo and is embedded with the sugar cubes.

The brand typeface is Montserrat by Julieta Ulanovsky (2014). I used this sans serif font so it looks very legible and simple in contrast with the logotype.

The brand colors I used are yellow and brown, pink for the accent. Yellow is used to suggest joy and happiness, which is what Sugar wants customers to feel. Brown symbolizes brown sugar or chocolate, which are the commonly used ingredients in Sugar's products. Pink is used as accent color to emphasize the sweet mood.
3  //     Mock-ups
Business Card
Cupcake Packaging
Logo on glass window

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