by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design

Rewind: Analog Music Subscription

Isaac Matthew Ruiz

Art Center College of Design, United States

Commercial - Packaging Design
Category Semifinalist
Package design for an analog music subscription kit featuring Joy Division.
Featured on:

Featured in ArtCenter Student gallery, spring 2016. 

2016 Adobe Design Awards SemiFinalist. 

In a culture where music can be bought and heard in a click, this analog music subscription kit aims to materialize an artist. Monthly, an ‘issue box’ will be carefully curated and sent out. Each issue box features one artist, where a cassette tape, exclusive photos, handwritten lyrics, and other exclusive items aim to make tangible all that define the artists world. Rewind is the subscription to the analog lifestyle. 

The first issue features one of the most influential bands of the post-punk era, Joy Division. The design of the package takes visual cues of the black and white aesthetic the band was known for as well as utilizing the inside of the package to visualize 1979 Manchester, London where Ian Curtis and co. once roamed. The first issue also acts as an entry issue, providing a cassette tape player, earphones,a rewind stick, exclusive photos of the band and cassette tape. 

Rewind brings back the essence of music through analog technology via cassette tape, my hope for Rewind is that it becomes the next trend in analog and vintage experiences, giving artists today another form of analog tech aside from vinyl to release their 
music through.

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