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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design


Julz Lane

Billy Blue College of Design, Australia

Commercial - Animation / Motion Graphics
Category Semifinalist
Rendered with Standard Render. Since I created this piece I’ve started using Octane Render, so in my free time I want to convert it to the Octane system and re-render it. Synopsis: An exasperated scientist is breeding a supreme fighting organism with the intent of destroying the Earth. The warrior is a hybrid of biological cells and mechanical technology. Set deep underground in a dark and gritty laboratory, an obscure organic form is suspended inside an antigravity glass chamber. This project was a teaser video for an upcoming unreleased video game, aimed at gamers who enjoy the sci-fi/horror genres. It was my first full project using Cinema 4D and was intended to improve my skills in modelling, lighting, texturing and animating. I created the soundscape myself using copyright free resources.

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