by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design


Jola Bańkowska

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland

Social Impact - Video Editing / Post-Production / Animation / Motion Graphics
Category Winner
This animation is a reflection of man acting against nature. The idea for it appeared to me after I read about the Tx2 action by WWF and focused my interest on animal law. Work on this animation converged with a tree cutting event, widely covered in the media, in Białowieża Forest (Poland). Biotop reflects our relation to problems that exist somewhere else in the world, while not impacting our country directly. Often we only have contact with statistics and cold facts, that do not leave a long lasting impression on us. We are usually concerned about a problem only if it happens or can happen locally, near us. This is also my term work on Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Big thanks to my lecturer Przemek Adamski for great advice during the process and Jack Hyde for beautiful piece of sounds and music.

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