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The ADAA is a global digital media competition for student creators. Connected to industry professionals, academic leaders, and top brands, the ADAA is launching the next generation of student careers.

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Prizes & Benefits

Chosen for top talent to give you a head start on your career



Earn international exposure to top design firms and brands.



Benefit from guidance and portfolio reviews by industry experts.



Be invited to exclusive Adobe Career Bootcamp and the Adobe Creative Residency.



Boost your career with access to Adobe Creative Cloud, a trip to Adobe MAX, career tips from the pros at 99U, and more.

Benefits & Prizes

The premier global digital media student competition

How big are YOUR career dreams? The ADAA can make them come true. Get exposure to the best design agencies, connect with other young designers, and learn what it takes to land today’s most coveted creative jobs.

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Meet the 2016 Winners

2016 winners at Adobe MAX in San Diego, California.

Get inspired by winning work

Tenderloin Fanzine
Erik Berger Vaage - Commercial - Print, Graphic, Illustration - Academy of Art University - Tenderloin Fanzine
Academy of Art University
Alice in the Wonderland
Ann Liao, Tai Jou Lin, Yu Hsuan Wang, Chao Wen Pin, Heng Ching Liao, Ling Chao - Fine Art – Editing, Post-Production - Yuan-Ze University - Alice in the Wonderland
Yuan-Ze University
Ready Player One
Luke Guyer - Commercial - Animation, Motion Graphics - School of Visual Arts - READY PLAYER ONE
School of Visual Arts
Got One! Wild Mullet Catch
Ching Wei Liu - Commercial – Print,  Graphic, Illustration - Asia University - Got One Wild Mullet Catch
Asia University
Pet Me
Marina Roos Guthmann, Gurleen Kaur, Daniel Frumhoff, and Yinan Wang - Commercial - Web, App, Game Design -  Maryland Institute College of Art - Pet Me
Maryland Institute College of Art
Learn more
Rae Congdon - Social Impact - Photography,  Print, Illustration, Graphic - Seton Hall University - GAYBCs
Seton Hall University
Jolanta Bańkowska - Social Impact - Video Editing, Post-Production, Animation, Motion Graphics - Academy of Fine Arts - Biotop
Academy of Fine Arts
Friction App
Wojciech Popiel, Gabriela Prattingerova - Social Impact - Web, App, Game Design - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology - Friction App
Copenhagen School of Design and Technology
Existentialism and Technology
Joe Toulson - Fine Art - Photography - Interactive Design Institute - Existentialism and Technology
Interactive Design Institute
My Loyal Slaves
Yun-Chih Chung - Fine Art - Graphic Design, Print - Academy of Art University - My Loyal Slaves
Academy of Art University
New York
Eun Sung Do - Fine Art - Illustration - School of Visual Arts - New York
School of Visual Arts
Last Judgment
Junyi Xiao - Fine Art - Animation - University of Southern California - Last Judgment
University of Southern California
Nic Yulo - Fine Art - Editing, Post-Production - Columbia University - Replica
Columbia University
Silent City
Chen Wu- Asia Pacific Region - National Taiwan Normal University - Silent City
National Taiwan Normal University

Meet the judges

A panel of elite creative pros.

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