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A post shared by Vernessa Himmler Illustration (@vernessahimmler) on

I'd rather be alone. #adobeawards #illustration #graphicdesign #digitalillustration #tattoodesign #artwork

A post shared by Mylan Meijs (@industrialflower) on

As a semi finalist for my fine art - illustration book !!⭐️☝️ 세미파이널! 감사! #adobeawards #semis #chasingatrace #photoshop #art #illustration #book #fineart #adaa2017 #semifinalist #adobe #illustrator #drawing - Bukchon hanok village is a Korean traditional village in Seoul with a long history between gyeongbok palace, changdeok palace and jongmyo royal shrine. This village is composed of lots of hanok and is preserved to show a 600-year-old urban environment. Now it is used as a traditional center and hanok restaurant, allowing visitors to experience the atmosphere of the josun dynasty. A poll of nearly 2,000 foreign visitors, conducted by the Seoul metropolitan government in November 2011, stated that exploring the narrow streets of bukchon was their fourth favorite activity in Seoul. Most of the tourists are interested in the famous tourist spots, such as many traditional palace. But me, as a very long dweller of Seoul, most of the famous spots are familiar to. so this time, I wanted to make a special book for a people who lives in bukchon. whose really accustomed to its place.Based on bukckon's very long history and culture, I made a very old looking book which is made of Korean traditional paper, hanji. by making each pages, I connected them with a red tread wondering this historical story may stretch or tangle, but never break. The book is different with any other commercial book showing tourist spots. It is hand-made, pretty humble and old. One thing most distinguished with existing book is that the book is composed of bukckon's traces, not a fancy looking tourist attraction illustration. because traces owns the deepest smell of bukchon, I collected a small rock, old toy, a trash, broken screw, even a human hair at a bukchon street. and then used them as a component of the book.

A post shared by 혜린 임 (@hyelin_and_hyelin) on

"Freedom" A0 (33.1 x 46.8 in) May 2017 Typography Kuwait City, Kuwait Freedom is a poster designed for the awareness of the comments that most societies comment on females. It shows a woman that is careless, the chosen woman is a belly dancer (photograph: anonymous, untitled) so careless about what society would think of her and say about her. The comments on the left side of the poster have been collected from family and friends, the comments are all common comments women face frequently regarding their gender. The belly dancer is pointing to the right side of the poster which is her answer to all the comments she is ignoring on her left. The arabic calligraphy on her body resembles the shape of an Abbaya and Niqab (what some arab women wear to cover up) the reason why there are letters inline out of her body is because the idea of the Abbaya is that it covers up the shape of the woman body and to show this i had to create an extra line of letters out of her body so that this so called calligraphic Abayya would somewhat cover her up. All the letters are from the word "AlHurriya" which translates to Freedom in english. The reason why i chose to cover her up with these letters is to allow the viewer to see through the Abbaya and Niqab which is my way of saying that no matter how hard society tries to cover the women up or lock them out they should be as brave and as free as this belly dancer; she did not back away from her interest or passion she is still the same even under the Abayya and Niqab. At the bottom right of the poster you will find the word Freedom in english and in arabic. #adobeawards

A post shared by h e s s a (@hahstudio) on

I want to be able to live the rest of my life dreaming while I'm awake.

A post shared by M A R T I N H O A N G (@martinhoangdesign) on

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Chen Wu- Asia Pacific Region - National Taiwan Normal University - Silent City
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