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Yijhen Liu
Yuan-Ze University, Taiwan
Category Top Talent

As the heart trembled, the shadows in our hearts devoured the soul, the courage and the will. The monster was created to harm our fragile heart.

“ _____ drained my energy , slowly devoured me until I forgot who I am. ”

As the heart trembles, the shadows cast in our minds damaged our souls by taking away all the courage and wills.

“______” just like a monster who was created to turn our characters into the fragile ones.

However, there's not an actual pattern for “______” , it is something that the person afraid of the most. It is any form that makes you feel anxious, scared, or stressed. Your inner shadows can design the fear to knock you down easily when you're swallowed by negative emotions.

What is the “______”?  I guess you have your answer by now.


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