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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design

Forgotten News Forgotten Names | Video

Denzel Boyd

Virginia Commonwealth University, United States

Social Impact - Video Editing / Post-Production / Animation / Motion Graphics
Category Winner
As we enter this rather dark period in modern politics, it may seem trivial to discuss the arts as a vehicle for change. However, yet more than ever it is vital to defend the right to free expression, and use art to help make change happen. Forgotten News, Forgotten Names boldly presents a short film “Hell You Talmbout,” (co-directed by Denzel Boyd, VCUarts Graphic Design 17’) that artfully addresses police violence, racial injustice, the Black Lives Matter movement through spoken word, and a tap dance performance from the perspective of our youth. In partnership with Studio 23 and the VCUarts Dance Department, the team proposed a series of events to follow the initial public screening–a screen printing session and a social dance workshop–engaging the community with the themes of the film. Their aim is to not only share the short film but to highlight the convoluted and pressingly urgent matters of the violence within our black communities by activating our bodies through these events. Through these determined modes of movement our community will be left encouraged and charged to understand why we must say their names, see their names, and feel their names. The Richmond community learned to use movement as a form of protest, liberation, and/or healing. Building this sense of empathy towards our black community will stimulate not just a moment but rather a movement towards radical transformation of ideals and consciousness. Ultimately these initiatives established a common ground for diverse audiences to come together and enjoy the art of printing and social dance.

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Initial Submission also included a Spoken Word Performance of the "Letter X Manifesto" highlighting research of the historic and profound symbolism of the letter X.

Letter X Manifesto was co-written by Rukan Said and Denzel Boyd 

Fall 2016

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